Video 6 Feb 14 notes

AWESOME DAY! Out walking in my woods, i saw a deer. It was just underneath one of the signs i’d posted that reads “no tresspassing, no hunting, no fishing, no trapping!” 

Got a package from in the mail today :) My Jera rune, burnt on Moose antler!

Now watching John Adams, from HBO, an incredible seven part series on the man. 100 million was the freaking budget for this, and it shows! SO GOOD, another winner from HBO.

Drinking a couple of really good brews and eating cake i made from scratch the other night when i couldn’t sleep. The Audacity of Hops is one of the sweetest smelling and delicious beers i’ve had in a looong time. i heartilly recommend it ;)

Today, life is really really good. 

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