Video 16 Jul 7 notes

I AM SO EXCITED i just order these from bathsabbath ’s Esty:

For the oil, i choose Once Scent from the Golden Hall (A unisex scent. A heady blend of Honey, clove, blackberries and the glory of a triumphant death) and Holy Diver (A unisex, ozoney scent. The smell of the midnight sea and fiery brimstone. A smokey, salty ozone scent with hints of firewood. ) 

For the soap, Fiddler On the Green a blend of freshly cut grass and bright flowers. 

Next time, i’ll be ordering the Bard’s Song a woodsy blend of berries, wet bark, fallen leaves and fresh soil.

  1. solitaryendlesspath said: OoOoOoOo these look delicious! :D
  2. hostmorke said: Bard’s Song is soooooo nice! Make sure you do a review of Once Sent From The Golden Hall because I think I’ll get that one next!
  3. holycrustacean said: Sounds awesome. I’m also waiting for Bard’s Song to come back in stock.
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